Reservation Dashboard

Reservations for equipment and supplies follow the same format as the Home Page Dashboard and are just as easy to navigate. Each reservation is sorted by date, name and order number. One unique aspect of the reservation dashboard is its ability to duplicate reservations. For members who tend to reserve the same equipment, this makes checkout more efficient.

New Reservation

Each new reservation can be entered on this page and can be organized by project, user and role. Reservations can be input immediately or placed on hold for a later date. An itemized list is then generated and can break down the rental cost, supply cost and equipment cost.

Duplicate Reservations

Many stations have users who would like to access the same equipment reservations again and again. This feature allows the checkout process to be simplified in these cases.

Barcode Scanner

Reserve equipment quickly and accurately, using barcodes that are placed on each piece of equipment. You can easily keep track of equipment that is checked in and out by scanning the barcode, since the information is instantly updated.