Clear and accurate reports are the foundation for contract renewals and annual meetings. Clean and easy output of reports saves time and gives you an accurate assessment of your organization. You can create reports about the members, equipment, classes and expenditures for each project. With the simple manipulation of the information on Isaac, you can organize the information for your current needs. Stations can then use this information to create and report on year-end numbers.

Export reports in CSV and Excel-friendly formats

Membership Status and Type

Create lists of current members and those who need to renew their membership status. Keep track of how many users have accessed your equipment in order to justify fiscal needs.

Cancelled Reservations by Member

Gathering critical data on reservations and how many of those reservations were cancelled will be helpful information for your year-end review.

Volunteer Service

Reports can be generated to account for all volunteers at your station.

Member Expenditure

Organize member information based upon how much was spent per member or by each member. Determine the bottom line of your budget.

Equipment Report by Type

Generate reports that can classify and organize equipment use, checkout and return dates and equipment kits. At-a-glance reports can inform your admin what equipment is available, currently in use or on the repair/damaged list.

Equipment Report (Single Piece)

Stations may need to follow a single piece of equipment throughout the course of the year. Running this report can give you real-time information about the history and current status of each individual piece of equipment.

Damaged Equipment

Reports can list the type, serial number and date of damage, as well as the repairs that were made on each.

Misc Report

Build your own report to suit your needs, filter by equipment status, type and owner.

Project Expenditures

You can generate a report that gives an accurate spending and cost-accounting list. Use this report to stay on budget or for future fiscal planning.

Project Episode

Break down all the episodes of an existing project with expenditure information.

Project Status

Create reports that illustrate the status of individual projects and shows.

Class Roster

Knowing how many students have taken each class can be a great asset when deciding future class offerings. Class Roster reports can organize who and how many students took each class.

Class Schedule

Reports can generate and organize a list of class schedules, times and dates, as well as members taking each class.

Class Registration

Understanding the registration patterns of each course can help community stations in planning, budgeting and staffing future classes.

Class Not Completed

Find out which members sign up for classes but do not attend.

Attendance Sheet

Community stations need to know how many and which students are accessing their classes for funding and budget reporting.