Keeping Your Center’s Projects Organized

One of the best ways you can help your centers’ members is by keeping a record of their ongoing projects. Using Isaac, you can keep track of members’ shows, reservations, and everything they’re working on all at once. Project management is key to your center’s success, and Isaac makes it easy for you.

The first step to organizing your members’ projects in Isaac would be to determine the types of projects your members are working on. Is it an episodic show or a documentary? In Isaac’s project dashboard, you can designate any kind of project type. Have a member who wants to film themselves doing stand-up? You can add “stand up” as its own project type. Do you have interns filming high school football games? Add “sports coverage” as a project type. It’s your choice to create as many project types as you need.

project management image isaac

Saving Time and Recognizing Progress

The ability to keep track of a variety of information all in one place on the project dashboard will save your center time. Do you need to see which volunteers have worked on a specific show? You can find that under the project’s details as well.

You can track information such as the start and end dates of the project, previous reservations made, and producer information. Storing project information in one place makes it easy for you to see your member’s progress. By looking at this information, you’ll also be able to see if your members might need a little nudge to stay on task or if they’re close to finishing their project.

Isaac’s project dashboard can also organize your center’s internal projects. Have a series of online classes that you’re working on? They can be logged in the project dashboard as well.

Remember to congratulate your members once they’ve finished their project! It’s a huge undertaking to produce a show or a documentary, and their work is part of what makes your center so great.

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