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Each new reservation entered can be organized by project, user and role. Reservations can be checked out immediately or placed on hold for a later date. An itemized list is then generated and can break down the rental cost, supply cost and equipment cost.

Always Know What’s Coming and Going

From your Reservation Dashboard, you can see what’s Reserved, Checked Out, Overdue, and Completed so you always know what’s happening at your organization.

Save Time & Make Things Easy

Clone a Reservation

If you have equipment that gets checked out regularly to a member, you have the ability to clone a reservation so you don’t have to manually add everything from scratch again and again.

Ongoing Duplicate Reservations

Have someone who checks out a piece of equipment or room the same day every week or two weeks? You can quickly set up ongoing duplicate reservations that have the same equipment for multiple days.

checking out at-home camera kits with isaac

Get the Job Done Faster

Use Barcode Scanners

Reserve equipment quickly and accurately, using barcodes that are placed on each piece of equipment. You can easily keep track of equipment that is checked in and out by scanning the barcode, since the information is instantly updated.

No More Overdue Equipment

Your members can get automated reminders to let them know when a reservation is coming up and when it’s due back.


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