Project Description

Know Who Your Members Are

A Connected Portal

Easily and quickly navigate a member’s profile and see their basic contact information, what organizations they are tied to, what equipment they frequently reserve, and even upload a photo to create scannable member ID cards.

Upload Important Documents

Long gone are the days of keeping filing cabinets full of your member’s paperwork. You can quickly upload any written agreements or other documentation to a member’s profile page where it’ll be safely stored and reachable within a quick click of the mouse.

Stay Informed & Connected

Comprehensive Member Dashboard

From a quick glance, see how many members you have, which members are Active or Inactive, generate standard or email mailing lists, and who’s membership is coming up for renewal.

Organization and Community Partnership Management

Add organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, and families with a smart connection that tabs points of contact. Keep track of your community partnerships and identify the types of businesses that interact with your organization.

Keep Your Organization Humming

Automated Renewal Reminders

Users automatically receive a renewal reminder alerting them that their membership needs to be renewed. Reminders can also be set for reservations, or upcoming classes.

Collect Membership Fees

Membership fees can be set for various levels of membership including: family memberships, individual memberships, business membership or specialty memberships unique to your clientele.


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Simple, easy to use cloud-based data management unlike any other.

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