Project Description

Organize Equipment Reservations

Robust Asset Management

Adding Information That Makes Sense

Each piece of equipment can include information such as a tag number, serial number, description, vendor, and more. Warranty, maintenance dates and notes for each piece can be tied to each piece of equipment.

Combine Equipment to Make Kits

Add a camera, microphone, and tripod together to create kits that make sense for your organization so when it comes time for equipment to be checked out, it’s done quickly without any hiccups.

Keep Up With Your Inventory

Schedule Maintenance

Set routine asset upkeep schedules to know precisely when equipment needs to be updated, and flag inventory that you know needs to be checked at a future date.

Manage Damaged Equipment

Accidents happen. Isaac will maintain a comprehensive repair history that will travel with each piece of equipment for the life of the device.

Keep Your Organization Humming

Get Your Supplies Ready

In addition to equipment, supplies like tape, gloves and cords can be reserved depending upon a member’s needs. Even attach a cost to things like gaffers tape so that when a member checks them out, you can ask for payment too.

Manage Equipment-Class Relationships

In order to properly and safely use equipment, certain class requirements can be attached to a piece of equipment. If a piece of equipment has a prerequisite, add the class and when the member has taken the class and is certified, they’ll be able to reserve the equipment.


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