Members & Users

Member Dashboard

Keep track of members through an extensive profile page. See projects, classes, reservations, payments and a member photo. The easy at-a-glance menu bar includes member/user name, phone number, email address, status and dates which allow you to manipulate and sort the information quickly into sub-categories. Control and track information about each member, as well as what equipment, classes or reservations they have made in the past or have in the future.

Add A Member

Inputting a new member is effortless with a form page that collects all the pertinent information about each member. Fill in basic member data including mailing and billing info, member ID, a profile photo and volunteer areas.

Member Profiles

Member Profiles include easy-to-see sections that display the member’s ID number and general contact information such as: email address, phone number, user level, date joined/expired and status. In addition to being able to sort members by these parameters, action icons easily allow for changes and additions.

Membership Fees

Membership fees can be set for various levels of membership including: family memberships, individual memberships, business membership or specialty memberships unique to your clientele.

Automated Renewal Reminders

As an added feature, users automatically receive a renewal reminder alerting them that their membership needs to be renewed. Reminders can also be set for reservations, or upcoming classes.