Utilizing the Task Manager Dashboard

Isaac’s new feature is key to amping up collaboration and productivity. The Task Manager Dashboard is an easy way to manage multiple projects at once within your media center.

With the Task Manager, you can view tasks you’ve assigned to other people, and tasks your co-workers have assigned to you. This lets you keep track of every project you’re involved with, all in one space. You can assign tasks to other employees or to members so it can be used for a wide variety of projects going on at your media center.

When you create a new task, you have the option to include details—reminding your colleagues of important information to keep in mind. Task details are a great way to keep everyone on the same page. You can also select a due date and mark the level of priority for the task, from urgent to low priority.

Isaac Task Dashboard -Manage Multiple Projects at Once

Once you assign a task, an email will subsequently be sent out to let your colleague know they have a new task. They’ll receive the details and the due date in that email as well.

Incorporate the Task Manager Dashboard into Your Daily Routine

With the dashboard, you can login at any time and get an overview of all your on-going tasks. Isaac lets you sort your tasks by due date or priority level so you see what needs your attention the most. You also have the option to update the status of your tasks; for example, you can put them on hold or mark them as completed once you finish.

With many media centers working partially from home still, the Task Manager is a great feature to make sure each of your projects stays on track. Logging in each day and looking at the status of all of your tasks will help you manage your time effectively.

Isaac is always here to increase collaboration and productivity. The Task Manager Dashboard is just the latest tool for you to keep your media center organized and on task.

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