Valuing Your Center’s Volunteers

As a media center, your staff and your producers are integral to the success of your programming. What about your volunteers, though? They also have a large role to play, and keeping track of volunteers’ work on productions is key to creating a productive media center.

Volunteers are a huge help when it comes to creating quality productions; just one producer alone is not enough to create a full show. Volunteers can help with every aspect, from lighting fixes to editing the final product. There’s a role for every volunteer out there; even if they’re not yet trained in all things technical, a volunteer can help with the set or greeting guests as they continue to learn the ropes. You can log all these volunteer hours into Isaac through the Volunteer Service Dashboard.

Isaac Volunteers- Keeping Track of Volunteers

Letting Your Volunteers Know that You Appreciate Their Work

It’s important to keep your volunteers informed of changes at your center, the same as you do for producers. Isaac allows you to make a mailing list of volunteers so you can reach them all at once. You can reach out to volunteers about upcoming productions, invite them to events at your center, and periodically thank them for all their hard work. By staying in contact with volunteers, you’re acknowledging their role in your center’s success.

At the end of every year, it is a good idea to take a look at how many hours volunteers have logged. This will help you gain a sense of whether you may need to recruit new volunteers. You may also take a look at their hours and decide to celebrate their dedication, perhaps with awards or an end-of-the-year party. Isaac Reports allows you to generate a report specifically on volunteer hours so it’s a one-step process to see how busy your volunteers have been.

Isaac makes it easy to show your volunteers that you value them. Building and maintaining relationships with your volunteers will ensure that your productions are never short-handed and that your media center remains an open and collaborative environment.

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