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A Workflow That Works for You

Developed in 2016 by NewTV in partnership with Sperling Interactive, Isaac was created to help you easily manage the everyday operations of your community media station. With Isaac, you can coordinate users, make reservations, track equipment, create projects, and schedule classes with ease. Isaac takes the place of your current asset management system and allows you to do so much more. In addition, Isaac’s robust reporting capabilities can be accessed from anywhere by using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer allowing you the freedom you need in your busy day-to-day operations.

Getting set up is easy and fast. We’ll import your existing data so you can start making using the database as quickly as possible. You have the ability to keep track of member actions, take payment for dues and certifications, view calendars, organize equipment, and create detailed expenditure reports to keep track of exactly how much and what equipment you’ve lent out throughout the year.


Isaac was created by a community media center, for community media centers and production companies. Meaning, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’re always improving the database’s capabilities, speed, and scope, with the intention to have a one-stop solution for community media centers, production companies, and schools wanting to improving their operations.

We encourage you to sign up for a demo and poke around the database to see if Isaac is a fit for your organization. Quick support and easy-to-digest tutorials are also available to help guide you. And if you ever need to talk to us, feel free to call us at 617.965.7200 or email at We always love to hear from you whether it’s a suggestion or just to tell us your user experience.

Compare Isaac to The Others

Isaac MCM RueShare Facil
Intuitive UI X X
Community Forums X X X
Accessible Anywhere X
Robust Asset Management X X
Unlimited Users X X
Email Automation & Customization X X
Member Logins X
Telvue API Integration X X X
No Hidden Fees X

Affordable for Any Station

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