What’s New? That’s a loaded question…

So much is new, so much has changed and social distancing has oddly made us all virtually closer.  Really think about how much more time you spend now on zoom calls/meetings, Slack or other interoffice communications with your workmates and clients than you did ever before Covid-19 became a reality. That said, how is everyone doing during these unprecedented times?  PEG media has certainly had to adjust to a new normal. As the weeks turn into months during the pandemic Isaac has been busy adjusting as well. We are planning for the future while securing new features for the present. So here’s what’s new with Isaac.

isaac news and updates - meet aneek

The Wizard Behind the Curtain

For those of you who are new customers or recently added users let me introduce you to Aneek. Last fall Aneek Basu Neogi joined our Isaac team as a software developer. He has a master’s degree in computer science from UMass. In addition to creating new and customized features, he will also be troubleshooting and responding to ticket requests. Aneek jumped right in and began onboarding new Isaac users and transferring their data into Isaac and getting them up and running.  He has really elevated the Isaac experience.

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Isaac Insight Training Videos

Andrew Eldridge, Creative Director of Another Age Productions, has produced a series of basic training videos, 8 to be exact.  Each video focuses on an Isaac feature, covering topics such as the Location Dashboard, to reservations, to creating reports and everything in between.  These videos live on the Isaac website under the tutorial tab.  They are helpful when training a new employee in Isaac or as a refresher course on how a feature works that you may not use often.  Take a look, we would appreciate your feedback as well as any suggestions for other videos that may think would be helpful.

Welcome to the Isaac Family

I would like to welcome all our new customers and users to Isaac. I would like to give a special shout out to Kevin and his team at Community Television of Knoxville (Tennessee).  They are our newest Isaac customer and we have really enjoyed getting to know them through the onboarding process.  We have had zoom meetings where we have had people in 3 different states and as many living rooms/offices. We look forward to a long, happy working relationship with them, they’re awesome!  Serving Knoxville since 1975 (45 years), Kevin says, “CTV is always looking for better ways to do things and Isaac has really stepped up to help us do that in a big way!”

Finally, thanks to all our Isaac customers, you are all awesome, we hope that you stay safe and productive.


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