Hosting Virtual Classes? Isaac can help.

As you venture back into the office, your media center might not be fully ready to return to in-person classes. One option is to offer virtual classes instead.

First, you would want to identify which classes you can hold virtually. Use the “Class Reports” feature in Isaac to see what classes you’ve offered recently. You can then evaluate what will work as a virtual lesson.

Classes that are mostly hands-on or involve multiple pieces of studio equipment might not be the best choice for a virtual lesson, like Studio Lighting for example. Classes about software or ones that focus on specific filming techniques and skills are a good option, like Camera Basics or Intro to Film Editing.

Use Isaac to then reserve the equipment and space you need to create the class. You can either film the class beforehand to send out to members or you can host the class in real-time through a video conference. Both have advantages.

With a pre-recorded class, you can let all your members access it whenever they have the time. With a video conference class, your members have the opportunity to ask questions in the moment. Either way, it’s a good idea to still reserve the classroom or training center you would normally use to ensure you have quiet as you record or speak on the video conference.

Hosting virtual classes with Isaac

Help Members Stay on Track

Whichever option you choose, Isaac can help you keep track of your members’ progress. If you do a video conference class, you can schedule it and register members as usual.

If you do a pre-recorded class, you can also still put the class in Isaac and add in members who you know watched. Just set the time and date of the class for when you plan to send it out, and then later, as members email you questions or tell you that they enjoyed your lesson, you can go back and add them to the attendee list. That way you’ll know where your members are in their knowledge, which will help you make decisions about what classes to offer when you’re back to teaching in-person.

Isaac is here to help you manage in this fluid time. We hope all of our features can keep you connected to your members, whether you’re able to see them in-person or are still only able to meet virtually.

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