Equipment Management with Isaac

Your equipment is the backbone of your center, ensuring you and your members have successful and high quality productions. One key step to make sure your staff and members have a smooth experience borrowing and returning equipment is to keep your equipment up to date in Isaac.

With Isaac, you can track the history of your equipment. Isaac allows you to see a log of every time a piece of equipment was reserved. It also lets you file damage reports so you can create a record of any difficulties with equipment. Having these reports on file lets you know when it might be time to replace a piece of equipment or make an upgrade.

Isaac also makes adding new equipment easy with a “duplicate equipment” feature. If you have multiples of the same kind of camera or microphone, you only have to input the equipment one time and then you can duplicate it to add more.  

You can also take advantage of the ability to group equipment. If you have old equipment that you don’t use, you may want to create a “retired” or “surplus” group. That way you’ll still have a record of once having that equipment, even if it is currently not in use.


Using Isaac to Plan Future Equipment Purchases

It is important to take stock of your equipment often and make sure it remains up to date in Isaac. By having accurate information about your equipment, that will help with your end-of-the-year reports. Equipment Reports will show you how often your equipment was used, the status of all your equipment, and it gives you the ability to sort by equipment type or by user. Those Equipment Reports are invaluable in making purchase plans for the future.

Let Isaac keep your equipment records organized and easy-to-access. You’ll save time on equipment check-outs and returns and be able to keep a detailed history of all your center’s equipment.

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