Equipment Dashboard

The Equipment Dashboard oversees individual pieces of equipment, as well as equipment kits.

Kit groupings can be listed so administrators can see what is in an equipment package.

Equipment may be in the form of a camera, equipment kit or miscellaneous supplies. Some equipment has prerequisites before it can be used. For example, an edit suite can only be reserved if the member has taken the necessary prerequisite class. This information can be organized on this page.

Add Equipment

Adding equipment is easy with the Add Equipment form. Each piece of equipment can include information such as a tag number, serial number and description. Included on this page is a damage report that travels with each piece of equipment even after repair. Warranty, maintenance dates and notes for each piece can be kept on this page as well.

Kit Dashboard Page

Certain pieces of equipment commonly go together. A kit makes it easier to manage the equipment and supplies. On the Kit Dashboard page, the equipment is broken down by the kit name and listed in detail. Each kit can track the pieces included and be reserved.

Supplies Dashboard

In addition to equipment, supplies like tape, gloves and cords can be reserved depending upon a member's needs. The cost and description of supplies is also listed on this page.

Add Supplies

As supplies change and are purchased, new supplies can be added on this page. The name, description and price are catalogued here.

Equipment Class Requirements

In order to properly and safely use equipment, certain requirements can exist. This page lists the minimum requirements needed to reserve each piece of equipment.

Manage Damaged Equipment and Repairs

Accidents happen. Isaac will maintain a comprehensive repair history that will travel with each piece of equipment for the life of the device.