Isaac 2.0 has arrived.

We’d like to announce the launch of Isaac 2.0 to all of our active community television stations using the database. This has been a process that could not have been done without you, and we appreciate your feedback and support as we make improvements to Isaac, your chosen data management tool.

Over the next two weeks you’ll be seeing new features being rolled out within Isaac. Here are some of the major changes that have occurred within Isaac:

Speed Improvements
• Overall, improved the speed and reliability within Isaac.

Location Settings
• Top header is now more cleaned up, condensed, and relevant information is grouped together.
• Made Equipment Allocation “On/Off” instead of “True/False”
• Changed the lower box headings to be horizontal instead of vertical.
• Moved the “Membership” and “Mailing List” tabs to the “Members” heading.
• Deleted the redundant “Change Theme” tab (click “Edit Location” to change themes).
• Added a new tab called “Reservation Setup”

Business Hours
• Made the Business Hours on a 12 hour scale rather than 24 hour scale.
• Listed out when Holiday Business Hours occur.
• Moved the “Default Reservation Length” from the “Business Hours” tab to the “Reservation Setup” tab.
• Cleaned up the “Add Holiday Business Hours” page, and gave the ability to set your station as either closed or limited hours for a day.

Email Notifications
• Overhauled the Email Notification page.
• Have the ability to turn On or Off either internal or external email notifications.
• Have the ability to set email reminders to custom timetables. For example, Membership Renewal Notifications can be set to 60 day, 30 day, and 5 day reminders to be sent to members who are set to expire.
• Gave HTML customization for email notifications.
• Added a Project Ending Reminder email so staff can now be notified when a project is set to expire.

Reservation Setup Tab
• Moved “Moved Reservation Terms & Conditions” to this tab.
• Added the ability to set a Default Reservation Length (hours or days)
• Gave control for station to set who can reserve equipment outside business hours
• A new field that allows stations to chose whether you need a project to check out equipment.

Google/Outlook Calendar Feeds
• Cleaned up how information is displayed within the calendar field.
• When clicking on reservation time, can quickly see the reservation ID (linked) as well as the person’s name, phone, email, project and list of equipment.

Email Logs
• Add a sort by field for Classes, Membership and Reservations.
• Delete the “Member Name” field.

Member Dashboard
• Added new “Pending Members” tab to the View Members header. This allows you to quickly confirm a membership submitted through the Member Sign Up URL.

Member Type Dashboard
• Moved Membership Type from the Location Settings to the “Members” tab.
• Improved UI for Member Type Dashboard
• Differentiate between Individual Membership and Group (Organizations/Schools/Family) Memberships.

Group Memberships
• Overhauled the way Group (Organization/Schools/Family/Non-Profits) are handled within Isaac.
• Now you have the ability to sign up a group all at once instead of adding each person individually.
• Can set primary and secondary contacts within an organization in order to reduce redundant email reminders about membership renewals.
• Groups now have ID numbers attached to them for more efficient sorting.
• Created an improved Group Dashboard, as well as Group Details page.

Member Details Page
• Redesigned Member’s Details page. Main box is now more cleaned up, condensed, and relevant information is grouped together.
• Included a reset password link for Location Admins to use if member has forgotten or lost email.
• Created new field called “Last Renewal Date” to see when a member has renewed.
• Now have the ability to add photos of any dimension then resize within Isaac.
• Created a new area that quickly shows fun member facts such as how many reservations a member has made, how many project they have started, the value of how much equipment they have rented, and a field for how many days they have been a member.
• Made the bottom tabs and organized them in order of relevance.

Mailing Lists
• Delete the redundant “Mailing List” tab from the Location Settings and moved information to under the Members tab.
• Created new buttons that allow users to create, delete, or change names of their mailing lists.
• Now have the ability to set a “Reply To Address(es)” when sending out emails from Isaac.

Reservation Calendars
• Have the ability create custom calendars for specific pieces of equipment. Done in a similar way to how kits are created. Can view these within the Reservation Calendar.
• Coming soon – a quick reserve system!

• Added the Staff Liaison/Project Manager field onto the Project Dashboard.
• Added a Project ID# tied to each project.
• On the Project Details page, cleaned up UI. Main box is now more cleaned up, condensed, and relevant information is grouped together.
• Created a new tab called “Time Slot”.
• Added a “Manage Project Type” field within the Edit Project. Can now add new Project Types.

• Created a clean up version of the Classes Dashboard.
• Added Class ID#s
• Cleaned up individual class pages
• Added the ability set up multiple class sessions when creating a classes
• Added the ability set up prerequisites for classes.

• More than 80+ reports and a new Reports Dashboard is scheduled to be rolled out within the next coming weeks.

There are still a lot more improvements that we have set to roll out within the coming weeks to make Isaac the best possible data management tool for you. We encourage you to dive into the new features and make sure they are understandable and work for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or submit a Support Ticket within Isaac.
We hope that you will join us on Friday, May 10th at 12pm for a webinar where we’ll go over the new features and additions within Isaac. If you are interested in participating, please email to sign up.

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