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Community media centers across the country are starting to return to work in-person. Here are a few of the ways that Isaac can help keep you organized throughout this transition to the new normal.

Hosting virtual classes or webinars? Isaac can track attendance for you, making sure that your members stay on pace with their learning and progress even if it’s from home. Some topics work better for virtual classes than others so class attendance can also help you make plans for the future.

One option if your studio is still closed to the public for the time being is to offer curbside pick-up of equipment. You can organize new kits focused on what equipment will work at home for your members. Use Isaac then to keep track of those reservations and organize checkout and drop-off in spaced intervals, ensuring you can prevent crowds and allow members to safely check out the equipment they need.

scan equipment isaac

As the end of the fiscal year is here, Isaac Reports can help you plan for FY21. See how often your equipment was used in the past year and how your membership changed throughout the year. Being able to generate comprehensive reports will help you plan for classes, membership initiatives, and what equipment you might want to invest in during the year.

As you transition back to office-mode, the Isaac team is always here to support you. If you have any issues arise, you can use the ticket system to contact us. The Isaac team is also available to schedule a Zoom call with you and your staff during this time if there are features you haven’t tried before or questions you have.

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