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isaac fundraising dashboard

Your Fundraising Efforts All in One Place

Campaign Management Made Easy

Have multiple fundraising campaigns at once? No problem. Create a new campaign in just a few clicks. Set goals and end dates to keep your campaigns on target and edit them as time goes on. 

Track Your Progress

Once you’ve set goals for your campaigns, log in at anytime to see how close you are to achieving them. See percentages and the dollar amount you still need to reach so you know when you need to amp up your efforts or when you can take a break. 

Donor Information and Profiles

 Comprehensive History of Past Donations

Isaac will generate donor profiles just as it does for members, allowing you to see how many donors you have, what campaigns they are most interested in, and how often they contribute. 

Know When It’s Time to Reach Out Again

Base your decisions about your fundraising efforts on real data—like when members or the local community have made the most donations or what campaigns have been most successful in the past.

Isaac Donor Profile
Isaac Website Donation Form

Meet Your Goals

Integrate with Your Website 

With a customizable form, you can accept and process donations directly through your website. It’s simple and easy to embed the donation form into your website with every possible campaign included on it.

Donations Automatically Added to Your Progress

As soon as someone donates on your website, your campaign will be updated in Isaac. Check in with your campaigns as often as you like and always know how they’re doing.


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Simple, easy to use cloud-based data management unlike any other.

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