Staying in Touch with Members

Your members are key to your success as a media center, and it’s important that they feel like a valued part of your team. With Isaac’s automated membership emails and Isaac Reports, it is easy to stay connected with your members.

Isaac gives you the option to automate membership renewal emails. These emails will go out at pre-scheduled times to remind your members that they need to renew. Your media center can also customize these emails to add specific reasons why your members should renew; you might mention an exciting upcoming event that they won’t want to miss or a new benefit to their membership. These automated emails save you time, and they help you remind your members about what makes your media center so great.

isaac automated member emails

Reminder emails for reservations can also be automated. These emails ensure that members won’t forget their upcoming reservations or to return equipment. It’s up to you to decide how early and how often you want these emails to go out. You can also customize them to add instructions about where to go and what to do when returning or picking up equipment.

Utilize Reports

Take advantage of the reports section in Isaac to see what your members are most interested in. Did they take a lot of editing classes last year? How often do they reserve different kits? By looking at the numbers, you can identify what members might want to see more of.

Looking at reports can also help you notice any abnormalities. Was a piece of equipment popular last year but now it has no upcoming reservations? It might be time to make an upgrade. Did members stop working on field productions and worked only in the studio? Maybe it’s time to schedule a documentary workshop to help them feel more confident out in the field.

The more you get to know your membership as a demographic, the more you’ll be able to keep them happy and productive. Even if you still have to remain physically distant from them, Isaac will help keep you in touch virtually.

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