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Equipment Management with Isaac


Equipment Management with Isaac Your equipment is the backbone of your center, ensuring you and your members have successful and high quality productions. One key step to make sure your staff and members have a smooth experience borrowing and returning equipment is to keep your equipment up to date in Isaac. With Isaac, you can track the history of your equipment. Isaac allows you to see a log of every time a piece of equipment was reserved. It also lets you file damage reports so you can create a record of any difficulties with equipment. Having these reports on file [...]

Equipment Management with Isaac2021-03-02T18:26:20-05:00

Keeping Your Center’s Projects Organized


Keeping Your Center's Projects Organized One of the best ways you can help your centers' members is by keeping a record of their ongoing projects. Using Isaac, you can keep track of members’ shows, reservations, and everything they’re working on all at once. Project management is key to your center's success, and Isaac makes it easy for you. The first step to organizing your members’ projects in Isaac would be to determine the types of projects your members are working on. Is it an episodic show or a documentary? In Isaac's project dashboard, you can designate any kind of project [...]

Keeping Your Center’s Projects Organized2021-05-27T14:25:52-04:00

Valuing Your Center’s Volunteers


Valuing Your Center's Volunteers As a media center, your staff and your producers are integral to the success of your programming. What about your volunteers, though? They also have a large role to play, and keeping track of volunteers’ work on productions is key to creating a productive media center. Volunteers are a huge help when it comes to creating quality productions; just one producer alone is not enough to create a full show. Volunteers can help with every aspect, from lighting fixes to editing the final product. There’s a role for every volunteer out there; even if they’re [...]

Valuing Your Center’s Volunteers2020-12-02T11:13:07-05:00

Utilizing the Task Manager Dashboard


Utilizing the Task Manager Dashboard Isaac’s new feature is key to amping up collaboration and productivity. The Task Manager Dashboard is an easy way to manage multiple projects at once within your media center. With the Task Manager, you can view tasks you’ve assigned to other people, and tasks your co-workers have assigned to you. This lets you keep track of every project you’re involved with, all in one space. You can assign tasks to other employees or to members so it can be used for a wide variety of projects going on at your media center. When you create [...]

Utilizing the Task Manager Dashboard2020-10-09T16:46:05-04:00

Staying in Touch with Members


Staying in Touch with Members Your members are key to your success as a media center, and it’s important that they feel like a valued part of your team. With Isaac's automated membership emails and Isaac Reports, it is easy to stay connected with your members. Isaac gives you the option to automate membership renewal emails. These emails will go out at pre-scheduled times to remind your members that they need to renew. Your media center can also customize these emails to add specific reasons why your members should renew; you might mention an exciting upcoming event that they won’t [...]

Staying in Touch with Members2020-08-27T17:03:10-04:00

Hosting Virtual Classes? Isaac Can Help.


Hosting Virtual Classes? Isaac can help. As you venture back into the office, your media center might not be fully ready to return to in-person classes. One option is to offer virtual classes instead. First, you would want to identify which classes you can hold virtually. Use the “Class Reports” feature in Isaac to see what classes you’ve offered recently. You can then evaluate what will work as a virtual lesson. Classes that are mostly hands-on or involve multiple pieces of studio equipment might not be the best choice for a virtual lesson, like Studio Lighting for example. Classes about [...]

Hosting Virtual Classes? Isaac Can Help.2020-07-30T11:58:34-04:00

Back to Work with Isaac


Back to Work with Isaac Community media centers across the country are starting to return to work in-person. Here are a few of the ways that Isaac can help keep you organized throughout this transition to the new normal. Hosting virtual classes or webinars? Isaac can track attendance for you, making sure that your members stay on pace with their learning and progress even if it's from home. Some topics work better for virtual classes than others so class attendance can also help you make plans for the future. One option if your studio is still closed to the public [...]

Back to Work with Isaac2020-07-30T11:41:18-04:00

Equipment Kits: A Staple of Isaac


Equipment Kits: A Staple of Isaac The current pandemic has made it difficult to create studio productions in the traditional way we're used to. Social distancing means we can’t safely fit the usual amount of people needed for a shoot into one studio, and we're not sure when our regular production processes will be able to resume. In order to help you adjust to this change, we at Isaac have been thinking about ways your members can still create broadcast-quality videos from home. One option is for media centers to create at-home camera kits for members. Choosing small, portable pieces [...]

Equipment Kits: A Staple of Isaac2020-08-19T14:29:27-04:00