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Equipment Kits: A Staple of Isaac


Equipment Kits: A Staple of Isaac The current pandemic has made it difficult to create studio productions in the traditional way we're used to. Social distancing means we can’t safely fit the usual amount of people needed for a shoot into one studio, and we're not sure when our regular production processes will be able to resume. In order to help you adjust to this change, we at Isaac have been thinking about ways your members can still create broadcast-quality videos from home. One option is for media centers to create at-home camera kits for members. Choosing small, portable pieces [...]

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What’s New?


What's New? That's a loaded question... So much is new, so much has changed and social distancing has oddly made us all virtually closer.  Really think about how much more time you spend now on zoom calls/meetings, Slack or other interoffice communications with your workmates and clients than you did ever before Covid-19 became a reality. That said, how is everyone doing during these unprecedented times?  PEG media has certainly had to adjust to a new normal. As the weeks turn into months during the pandemic Isaac has been busy adjusting as well. We are planning for the future while [...]

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